Porpoise Point Prime Real Estate for Dolphins

A dolphin cruises up to our boat, checking us out.

A dolphin cruises up to our boat, checking us out.

While searching for different ways to observe our local wildlife, I happened upon a small eco dolphin-safari tour in St. Augustine offered by Jax Water Tours.

I always enjoy a good eco-tour, so the combination of dolphins and boating sounded pretty good so I thought why not give this a try?

As our pontoon boat tour started, the owner, Captain Brooks Mitchell, told us that we should have good luck spotting dolphins today.

 With the theme-song from Gilligan’s Island playing in the background, we head out to Porpoise Point where the Captain started explaining how dolphins use the strong inlet currents in their favor for catching fish.

From a distance we observe dolphins jumping and splashing wildly, catching fish while others swam closer to the boat as if to take a peek at us with their awesome smiles.

Later in the tour, the Captain told us that dolphins don’t sleeps like we do. They actually sleep by shutting shut down half of their brain, only using enough alertness  for a couple of hours at a time, then switch to the other half of the brain if more rest is needed.

Our tour boat.

Our tour boat.

The tour lasted a little over 90 minutes and was very informative and the best part is that we came away with a little more knowledge about dolphins.

For more information about this tour, visit http://www.jaxwatertours.com

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