Discovering B&W Nature Photography

egret craig oneal nature photo florida wildlife

This award winning black & white photo was converted from color.

Changing a photo from color to black and white can offer a different perspective, which in some cases makes your subject more dynamic, like this award winning egret photo I took, entitled “The Dancing Egret.”

This photo was captured with my Canon 7d on a cool morning on the edge of Guana Lake in Ponte Vedra Florida. I knew that the filtered light created by the clouds would result a flat photo, so in post processing I simply changed the photo to black and white through Lightroom, and then applied a bit more contrast to bring out the soft details.

Since this photo screamed look at me, I decided to brake two of my cardinal rules, first by centering the subject in the middle of the frame, then adding vignette in an effort to draw the viewers eyes to the center of the picture. In this case I think it worked out well.

The finishing touch was to include just enough of the reflection in the water to add some action to an already stationary subject.

3 thoughts on “Discovering B&W Nature Photography

    • Hi Emily, yes the a digital download sutable for printing can be purchased for $49.00. If you’d like, send me your email address and I will send you a Paypal invoice. This is a popular photo and I was lucky to capture it. You can also email me at and thank you.

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